Master Site Updates with Friendly Focused Training

Do you love your web site but hate having to depend on (and pay!) someone else every time you want to change something?

Are you sliding in the search engine listings because your site is such a pain to update you never can make time to do it?

Are you thinking about kicking down the cash for a full-scale redesign of your website just because it’s such a pain to update?

Is your site full of out-of-date content and images, because updating it is such an ordeal you’re more willing to bear the embarrassment?

If this sounds like you, I can help! Try out my Friendly Focused Training!

Whether your site is constructed in a CMS like WordPress or written in HTML5/CSS3, you don’t have to understand everything about how it works in order to successfully and easily update it. You just need to know the right things to do and have a reference available that can help you remember HOW to do it.

Friendly Focused Training is exactly that:

Friendly–using nontechnical language that works from your level of understanding of the processes you need to understand, whether you’re a total novice or reasonably savvy.

Focused–emphasizing just the skills, techniques and processes you need to know to accomplish your Key Tasks and Repeating Tasks. Includes highlighting what items need to be left alone.

Training–starting with a conversation about your needs and an investigation of your web site, moving on to hands-on training on Key Tasks, and delivery of written and video documentation that breaks down the tasks for you and shows you EXACTLY what you need to do, every time!

Friendly Focused Training is $60/hour, with most sites requiring approximately 5 hours of work. This includes the initial consultation and key tasks definition, in-person training, and video and written documentation of how to perform your Key and Repeating Tasks. Contact me today to schedule a review of your site and an initial consultation. I’ll follow up with a proposal and estimate.