RapidBuild: A WordPress Site Tailored to Your Needs in Just 3 Days

Avoid website development projects that seem to drag on forever. Get a top-quality truly customized WordPress site FAST with RapidBuild.

After an initial phone or in-person consultation, your website build will start on a Wednesday morning. Revisions and approvals will continue through Thursday evening, leading to a finalized site. We’ll complete all necessary adjustments and LAUNCH your site the following Saturday. That’s just 3 DAYS from concept to launch for a WordPress site that is specifically designed to meet your needs and goals!

All for a flat $1,600 fee that you’re guaranteed in writing before the process begins!

Your RapidBuild package includes:

  • extensive discussion of your needs, goals, desires, preferences
  • assistance with formulating a website strategy, if needed
  • review of thousands of themes to select the 3 that seem most suited to your requirements
  • review of thousands of plugins to choose those that provide any additional functionality you need
  • mock-ups of the three best themes (with plugins installed and configured) to show you your specific design/function options
  • set-up of your selected theme and plugins, including available theme customizations and plug-in configuration and testing
  • page-building, so you start with every page in your site ready for content
  • information architecture development to help you optimize the organization of your content
  • help with “back-end” processes as needed, including domain name registration, site host selection, WordPress installation, theme installation, and DNS redirection
  • help with image optimization
  • help with basic Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Analytics installed and configured as desired
  • Cross-browser testing and QA
  • Written and video documentation on how to edit and maintain your site
  • Wrap-up ZOOM to answer your post-launch and maintenance questions

Other services, such as writing/editing, content planning, assistance with content entry, and specialized Search Engine Optimization, are available for a separate fee.

Check out a typical RapidBuild Schedule or email me to schedule your free consultation.