Typical RapidBuild Schedule

RapidBuilds begin on Wednesday, continue through Thursday, and wrap up on a following Saturday.  Below is a typical schedule. Rates for RapidBuild are flat fees, set at the time of contracting. Our basic site rate is $1,600, which includes all services described below. Email me with any questions or to schedule your initial consultation. Certain aspects of the process will need to be completed prior to RapidBuild kick-off; those will be discussed during the consultation.

Typical Wednesday Schedule
    • Kickoff: Functionality, Goals, Design and Content
      We’ll discuss the functionality you want to have in your new site, as well as your goals for the site in terms of mood, presentation, and general strategy. I’ll create a quick write-up that outlines the specific functions, goals and interests you have for your site. We will also discuss sites you like, color palettes that work for you, images and their treatment, and existing vs. future content.
    • Theme Review and Presentation (up to three)
      I will review WordPress themes with your requirements in mind. I will select up to three for your review, and configure them on my personal server space using dummy text and images or image placeholders and create screenshots of them for your review. I’ll be available to answer any questions you may have about the themes and associated plug-ins or widgets.
    • Theme Selection
      You’ll select the theme you like best based on the mockups. We’ll further discuss your selected theme’s customization options, such as color palettes, image presentation, and layouts (options depend on those that are part of the selected theme). I’ll further configure sample pages of your home page and an interior page reflecting your choices. If you have images you would like to use, you should email them to me at this time so I can prepare them for use in the design.
    • Content Organization
      We’ll have already discussed your existing content and what parts of it you would like to keep. Based on this conversation, I’ll create a preliminary information architecture.
    • Approval of Information Architecture
      After making any necessary adjustments and incorporating your feedback, I’ll create a final Information Architecture, which I’ll ask you to review and approve.


Typical Thursday Schedule
    • Page-building
      Based on your approved information architecture, I will create the necessary pages for the site and configure them as necessary. If you’ve provided images, I will make sure they are sized appropriately and load them to the site’s Media Library and place them where appropriate.
    • Functional Testing
      I will test the functions you’ve requested and work with you to verify they are working properly.
    • Verification of Hosting Space and WordPress Install
      I will verify that your web hosting is in place and that a WordPress Instance is available, or make recommendations if you have not yet obtained hosting. At this stage I’ll also verify you’re obtained your domain name, if you don’t have a pre-existing website.
    • Content entry
      I will begin assisting you with content entry for your new site, if you have provided final content to me. I’ll create and share training videos so you can practice and complete content entry on your own.


Typical Saturday Schedule
  • Cloning of WP site to Host Location
    I will clone your WordPress site from its location on my development server to its new home on your hosting provider’s server
  • Testing of cloned site at your Host Location
    Verification that everything looks and works exactly right.
  • Analytics configuration
    I will install and configure Google Analytics for your site to ensure you capture key visitor and usage information.
  • Final Review and Approval for Launch
    You will review the site at your server space location, make sure it meets your requirements, and sign off for launch.
  • DNS Review/Update
    If necessary, I will contact your domain name registrar to make sure domain name servers point your URL to your site’s location.
  • Documentation Handoff
    I will provide documentation to you in electronic form that includes all the details for accessing your hosting space and domain name registrar account, as well as detailed information on how to edit and maintain your new WordPress site.
  • Launch!
    I will make the site publicly available and indexable. Your new site is now live!
  • Post-launch Wrap Up ZOOM, Skype, or phone call
    Ask any remaining questions you might have during our post-launch wrap-up.


Rates for RapidBuild are flat fees, set at the time of contracting. Our basic site rate is $1,600, which includes all services described in the schedule. Sites requiring expanded functionality, such as e-commerce processing, database-driven structures, or extensive plugin configuration, will carry a higher rate. This will all be finalized in the signed contract after thorough discussion.

The flat rate does NOT cover custom theme development or extensive revision of theme CSS.

Additional services, such as marketing planning, content planning/creation or deep Search Engine Optimization, may be added for an extra fee.

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